About Me

Designing With Passion While Exploring The World

Hey there, I’m a youth coach who loves helping teens overcome their insecurities and feel better about themselves. With over a few decades of experience working with youngsters, I’ve seen it all and I’m ready to help your teen too. I’m all about creating a supportive and encouraging environment where teens can thrive and feel confident. So, if you’re looking for a coach who will help your teen build their self-image, I’m your gal!

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My Services

Hey there! Are you feeling stuck or unsure about your next steps in life? Our coaching services are here to help you gain clarity and confidence in your decision-making process. We offer one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals. And if you need some additional support, we also offer a range of other stuff, from resources to referrals, to help you navigate through life’s challenges. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


What My Clients Say

The coaching services were incredibly helpful and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.

Samuel Stevens

I was impressed by the variety of services they offered, including some unique options I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

Samuel Stevens

The stuff they offered was high-quality and exactly what I was looking for.

Samuel Stevens

Ingrid De Ruysscher